Birthy Bio

I’m a young doula, blogger, activist and skeptic.

I began my journey to birthwork at a very young age. I loved to listen to my brothers and my birth stories and would ask my mother to tell it frequently. As I got older I took note of my mothers annoyance with the doctors insistence on a C-section at my brothers birth. At the time it didn't mean much to me, after all my only education on birth came from television shows and movies. At the ripe old age of eleven I saw the documentary The Business of Being Born. I didn't understand most of the commentary, though, and focused on how different the births in the documentary were from what I’d seen on television and in movies. After months of watching BOBB every time it came on television I became curious about the science of birth and just what the experts and commenters were talking about.

Around the same time I was developing a healthy skepticism and my interest in birth gave me a great opportunity to exercise it. I taught myself the importance of fact checking and how and where to look up studies. I quickly grew wary of both sides of the natural parenting debate.

Over time I gained access to more and more resources. I began reading books on the politics of childbirth, breastfeeding, and vaccinations and my interests quickly grew to include almost all aspects of pregnancy and early parenthood.

At fourteen I decided to train to become a doula. I planned to certify with DONA International as a postpartum doula. I was lucky to find workshop in my area just a few months out and quickly worked out a payment plan with the trainer. I rushed to complete all the prerequisites for the course, but did. Just weeks before the workshop I received an Email stating that the workshop was being postponed. I decided to continue with self directed study until the workshop was rescheduled but after nearly a year I gave up on the idea of training with DONA as a postpartum doula.

In the time it had taken for me to realize how slim the chances of another workshop being scheduled were I’d discovered many more doula organizations, including Birth Arts. I also had begun to rethink my reasons for certifying as a postpartum doula. I realized that DONA and postpartum work weren’t for me.

I decided to certify with BAI in mid 2012. I’ve since begun my training, thanks to a scholarship, and am on my way to certifying.

I plan to begin midwifery training as soon as I graduate high school. I've yet to decide between nurse and direct-entry midwifery and hope to shadow or assist midwives of both credentials before making my decision

For now, I'm a doula and a high school student, mostly.  During the warmer months I storm chase with my dad, who's a trained Skywarn weather spotter, and a team of fellow chasers.  When I'm not chasing tornadoes or writing reports I like to spend time with my family and four ferrets.